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                  Since 2005


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  Enjoy viewing some of our past puppies 2005-2016

Above is a short video showing I have thousands in expenses. This is only 1 of my 3 folders with vet Invoices. This is my hobby, my passion and expense Not an income. If you do it right good breeders do not "profit", the do it for the love of the breed and to bring joy into others lives by blessing them with a happy, healthy puppy. There are C-sections , DNA testing, annual dental care & cleanings, X-rays, AI fees, Health testing, 8 week health check up on litters, puppy vaccines, rabies, AKC fees, feed, Vitamins, Emergency fees at times, Stud fees & the list goes on.

When you pour your heart and soul into what you love, & truly do it to better the next generation to produce a perfect example of the breed, with Health first in mind it is NOT cheap. My puppy sales barley cover my expenses. I am lucky to break even. It costs around $5000 to produce a litter of 2-4 puppies.

The receipts above in video do not even include AKC litter fees, food costs & Raw food of $300 a month in raw Organic meats, toys, and just extras. This is only Vet fees.

             The Girls enjoying the nice weather  

Above are sample packets every puppy is sent home with of NuVet Vitamins. We REQUIRE all our puppies be Kept on this vitamin.

Your puppy's health is very important and many dog foods do not have proper nutrients. This is a wonderful and very beneficial vitamin for your puppy. This is in our contract that you agree to keep your puppy on this vitamin.

It is beneficial to their joints, coat, digestive, eyes, immune system and many things.

PLEASE take a few minutes to watch this short video of my home and puppy room. 

All our dogs & puppies are fed only High Quality food. They all get a very Healthy Dinner "Every" night. Ground Organic beef or Chicken breast, 1 Organic Egg, Carrots, Broccoli, Blue Berries, NuVet Vitamins, & Cottage Cheese,  & Fish Oil. We do NOT skimp on our Dogs Health needs & feed only the best! Optimal Health is very Important to us! We do NOT feed Wal Mart Dry kibble Brands. Natures Domain with Partial Raw Organic Meats with Organic Fruits & Veggies for our babies!!

A High Quality Vitamin such as Nuvet is Very Important. This will help with healthy, skin, coats, joints, eyes and More for your New Family Member for years to come.

Welcome to Riveira Pomeranians. We raise and Show AKC GCH & CH line Pomeranians. We do Not breed to live off our dogs or profit from it! We invest a Lot of time, money & Love into our puppies! My Husband owns his own Landscaping Business & we put every dollar we get from our puppies right back into our Showing of our dogs and into our puppies and back into the next litter.  We do NOT release our puppies until around 10 + weeks old. Sometimes older if we feel the puppy needs more time with Mom.

Not all litters produce Show Quality puppies, so every so often we have a couple Available to Approved Pet homes. We will only have around 2 to 3 litters a year. Most stay in our close family if not Show Quality or going to be our next Show Dog.

All our puppies come with a 2 year Genetic Health Guarantee we stand behind.

It takes several thousand dollars jut to produce and raise 1 litter, there is no room for profit. We strictly breed for the love of the breed & as a small hobby. All the money goes right back into Health Testing, Raw food diet on our dogs, vitamins, C-sections, show fees, traveling fees for shows, motel fees, vet exams, Micro chips, Vaccines, annual exams, AKC fees,  8 week Puppy Health exams, toys, and Care for our babies! We feed Diamond Naturals as well as Partial Organic Raw diet with mixed veggies and vitamins.  We are very careful and strict when placing our puppies!

We only have  5 dogs who live and stay here at our home, we keep it small so we can focus on Quality and not Quantity, we Welcome anyone into out home to view our dogs/puppies and home.

When Sale contracts are compared to Expenses we usually are lucky to break even & more often than not are several thousand out but we love and enjoy raising and showing. We even spend money out of pocket and from my Husbands business just to keep this hobby going. It is very expensive and takes a lot of heart and time.

Our entire yard and home is under 24/7 Surveillance for our dogs and home protection. I REQUIRE you to keep your puppy on NuVet vitamins. I have a code to give you so you can order them and NuVet Labs will let me know when you order under my #.  Optimal health is important.

We only have very few puppies available  each year, and will only place them in a home we thoroughly screen and after we do a home check. You will be required to provide a vet reference & a minimum of 3 personal references, you will be asked to fill out an ADOPTION application, & sign a contract.  We only do this to ensure the safety of our pups and to protect them from going to large breeders or puppy mills. There is not such thing as a Tea-Cup, Micro mini, pocket pom and the tiny ones who breeders refer to with these names are more often than not unhealthy and do not live to see their first Birth Day. Remember just because a vet examins a puppy does not Guarantee it to be healthy! A Typical vet exam checks eyes, temperature, bites, and looks for hernias, they do not check the liver which is what you need to worry about with the tiny ones, who are prone to liver shunt & a host of other Health issues that do not show on a standard puppy exam, we recommend a puppy charting to be in the 4.5 to 7 pounds.

We only have a few litters a year and do not breed to "sale" puppies but rather to better the next Generation and Champion our dogs.  However we occasionally help out a mutual friend place a litter of hers, so some pups I may advertise may not be mine directly. But every once in a while we will have a pup or two who is Stunning, but does not exactly meet Show "Standard" and we will place him or her in a PET home.

We are very passionate in what we do and are very picky when placing our Puppies!! We do our Best to thoroughly Screen all potential homes. My Babies go Quickly when one becomes Available, and I have a very long waiting list for my pups. Best Qualified homes only will have the opportunity to have one of our puppies.

Each puppy is raised indoor, underfoot, with the best of care, well socialized and 100% Healthy before going to their New Family. We have been inspected by our local ASPCA, & have a very Small number of dogs so we can focus on Quality not Quantity!

My dogs are the light of my life and receive daily Vitamins, partial raw diet, daily walks, live in my home, receive the best of vet care at my established vet of 7 years who has visited my home, they are brushed daily and groomed/bathed bi-weekly.  I take my dogs health very seriously and it is important in order to have a strong immune system, bones, teeth, and gorgeous coats. So I feed a partial raw diet as Dogs were intended to do so as they are carnivores.

My dogs Dinner every night is Organic Chicken breast boneless/skinless, over Rice, 1 organic egg each from our local farmer friend, Broccoli, mixed in with chopped baby carrots, Bananas, a small handful of Organic Blue Berries mixed in  with their Dry Kibble & added vitamin NuVet.

We take Pride in having some of the most Beautiful Pomeranians around. We strive to produce, Teddy-Bear faces, Big show coats, nice bone, short and cobby builds, with Health and Temperament always being first in mind. All puppies are sold under contract & we have a very strict ZERO Pound Policy and will always take any of our puppies back at any time in his/her life!!

IF YOU ARE NOT LOCAL and I cannot personally see your home I will Require you to Video Chat Face time and show me your home/yard. Please understand I only do this to protect my puppies from being placed in Puppy mills. If you cannot provide References & Video then I kindly ask you look else where for your New pup.  

  PLEASE NOTE- I do Not Release my Babies until a Minimum of 10-12 weeks old & have had at least 1 Vet exam, a Minimum of 2 vaccines, & Micro chipped for his/her Safety. This is NOT Optional. All Puppies Must be paid in Full by 8 weeks old in order to hold past 8 weeks old!! If Not paid in Full he/she then becomes available for sale again, & Deposit is NON Refundable.  To Qualified PET homes only!

                   Your New puppy will come with the Following listed Below

Puppy Kits are for Local buyers only! We do not Ship or mail puppy kits.

You puppy will also come-


*Sample of NuVet Vitamins

*Potty pads

*Big Bed

*Boys blue harness W/wings Girl Pink Harness




*Age appropriate vaccines

*Vet examined

*Exam & Shot record

*Copy of Pedigree

*2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

*AKC Limited Registeration 

*Bag of  Blue Puppy Food

*Organic home made Biscuits

*Food & Water Dishes

*Collar & Leash/Harness

*Assorted Toys

*Folder containing all your puppy's records & info

* AND a LIFE time of Breeder Support!! Weather it be Financial help if needed, or if you just ever have a Question.

There is NO such thing as a "Micro" "T-Cup" or "Pocket pomeranian" these are words back yard breeders use to justify Big prices and to dupe uninformed buyers into spending Big Money, they are names to describe a genetic anomaly that has resulted in a much smaller than breed standard. Reputable breeders do not refer to their puppies as T-cup,Micro,or Pocket size. Puppies are NOT a fashion accessory! The smaller than "Normal" size babies are usually just the "Runt" and a lot of the time are more fine bone, have open skulls (Soft spot or Font) are more likely to have Hypoglycemia issues (Low Sugar) that can lead to death, Liver shunt, Hydrocephalus (water on the brain), Heart problems, undescended testicles,collapsing trachea,luxating patellas,Seizures,digestive problems and the list goes on...They are also more likely to injure themselves in simple activities like playing,running, or jumping from a couch,more often than not these so called Micros or  T-Cups don't make it to see their first Birthday.  REMEMBER just because a puppy passes its 8 or 10 weeks vet exam does Not guarantee that the puppy is in  fact healthy. Most vets only do a standard check, temp,look in eyes & mouth and listen to heart then sign off the puppy as "Healthy"