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                                     Welcome to Riveira Pomeranians!

*We have been inspected*

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Above is our inspection report.​

Puppy kits are for LOCAL buyers only. We can ship one at buyers expense. 

  • Potty pads
  • Big Bed
  • Defleaed
  • Dewormed
  • Age appropriate vaccines
  • Vet examined
  • Exam & Shot record
  • 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee
  • Bag of Puppy Food
  • Food & Water Dishes
  • Assorted Toys
  • Folder containing all your puppy's records & info
  • AND a LIFE time of Support from me.

Welcome to Riveira Pomeranians. We take great pride in having some of the most beautiful, well bred pomeranians in Ca. We do not place our puppies with breeding rights. All puppies are placed under strict Spay/Neuter contracts only! No exceptions. We have an application process that must be completed prior to us approving you as a potential home for one of our fur kids. 

We have raised Pomeranians since 2006.  Our kids are our family & Never caged. They do everything we do...boating on the lake, bike rides in their bike basket, hang out on the couch & watch movies, go camping etc. They are very much a part of our family & we are very selective where we place our babies. 

Here at Riveira Pomeranians we take the health of our babies serious. We feed our kids like Kings & Queens! In addition to Fromm Dry kibble we also feed Organic home cooked meals. Everything is Organic. They get a variety of meats like Beef, rabbit, duck, turkey, Tripe, Buffalo as well as Farm fresh Eggs, brown rice, organic Fruits & Veggies as well as their favorite...Sardines for Omega fats. We feed Dry kibble in small portions while home cooked meals is their main diet. 

Dogs need real meat in their diets & Dry dehydrated kibbles are so full of fillers, sugars and bad stuff, even the expensive name brand ones are typically not good for them. The starch in dry food turns into sugar which causes inflammation, which in turn causes many health issues including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and many more issues. 

We also feed organ meats but this should be fed in small proportions as well as muscle meats.  Dogs are omnivores and need fresh meats as well as fruits and veggies. 

Our puppy application. We can email it upon request. All potential homes must complete the applicatoin. 

There is NO such thing as a "Micro" "T-Cup" or "Pocket pomeranian" these are words back yard breeders use to justify Big prices and to dupe uninformed buyers into spending Big Money, they are names to describe a genetic anomaly that has resulted in a much smaller than breed standard. Reputable breeders do not refer to their puppies as T-cup,Micro,or Pocket size. Puppies are NOT a fashion accessory! The smaller than "Normal" size babies are usually just the "Runt" and a lot of the time are more fine bone, have open skulls (Soft spot or Font) are more likely to have Hypoglycemia issues (Low Sugar) that can lead to death, Liver shunt, Hydrocephalus (water on the brain), Heart problems, undescended testicles,collapsing trachea,luxating patellas,Seizures,digestive problems and the list goes on...They are also more likely to injure themselves in simple activities like playing,running, or jumping from a couch,more often than not these so called Micros or T-Cups don't make it to see their first Birthday. REMEMBER just because a puppy passes its 8 or 10 weeks vet exam does Not guarantee that the puppy is in fact healthy. Most vets only do a standard check, temp,look in eyes & mouth and listen to heart then sign off the puppy as "Healthy". 

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