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Riveira Pomeranians

Helpful tips on your New puppy Please Read.

When you first bring your puppy home, we understand this is a very exciting time for you! But you want to be sure you Protect your puppy by NOT taking him/her into public until ALL 3 sets of puppy vaccines are done. This is very Important!! Specially do Not take your puppy into pet stores, puppy parks or place him or her on any outside ground as PARVO is very fatal to puppies and lives in the ground for up to 9 years.

Pet Stores & puppy parks as well as community parks are Breeding grounds for Parvo.

Keep in mind even after all 3 vaccines are done this does NOT mean your puppy cannot get parvo, but if it does it may just weaken the symptoms and make it more possible to survive if infected. With that said it is best to wait until around 6 months old if you want to take your puppy into high risk areas such as dog parks, at this age the immune system is stronger. 

Taking your puppy from his or her Siblings is a very Stressful time for your puppy. We suggest letting your puppy have "Quiet" time for the first week you introduce him into their new home. We know you will be excited and want to play with your puppy but it is Important to let him/her relax until he or she is adjusted.

During this period your puppy may seem tired, sad or not want to eat. We recommend you giving your puppy Karo Syrup on your finger tip and rubbing on his/her gums once every 4 or 5 hours until their appetite is up again. During the new transition time you can offer boiled Chicken breast warm Not cold, shredded into small pieces, scrambled eggs, or Hamburger meat NO CONDIMENTS, sauces or spice as these are toxic to dog! Please keep your New baby in a safe area, puppies like to chew on things and are just like babies.

If not in a safe enclosed area he/she may chew on electrical cords, be stepped on, can get slammed in a door,choke on things etc. We recommend using a medium sized metal crate with a bed or blanket placed inside, as well as Food and water at all times. A plastic or metal exercise yard will work fine as well

Do not leave Small Children unattended with small puppies as well as with larger dogs. If you live in the country where Predator Bird live make sure to supervise your puppy/dog, or make sure your puppies play yard has an enclosed top as hawks, eagles and owls can easily pick up such small puppies and it has happened. Do NOT feed your puppy human foods, specially Chocolate, Grapes,Onions, Garlic etc. Chicken breast is ok"plain" NO BARBECUE SAUCE, as BBQ sauce is Toxic!! Hamburger NO seasoning, & Scrambled eggs, cottage cheese and Yogurt are good options as well as Carrots.

HYPOGLYCEMIA is Low blood sugar, which can be brought on by Stress from being taken away from Mom & Siblings & or too much play time or not eating every few hours.

Your puppy will need to have Dry food AND a second source of food out at ALL times!! Your Puppies needs to eat every 3 to 4 hours. Sugar levels can drop fast if not fed every few hours. Too much hard play time can result in low sugar so for this reason limit playing to 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

CRYING-When your puppy is first brought home it is not uncommon for him/her to cry, some do more than others and some do not at all. You have to understand he has been taken from his familiar home, sounds and smells and is now in a new area away from his siblings. If your puppy is crying you may play a quiet radio next to them on low to help comfort them or cover his or her crate with a blanket to make them feel safer.

Holding your puppy while crying or if he is having a fit may teach him/her bad habits and in the long run will cry more and it may teach them to cry to be held and they may become demanding. Crying from being stressed should only last a few days to a week. We recommend only taking your puppy out of his or her crate when they are being quiet so they learn good behaviors. 

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