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Deposit to hold a puppy is $1000. It is NON refundable once placed. Sorry but once placed and we hold  a baby for you we do not return it should you change your mind for any reason. It is deducted from total cost of the puppy. All puppies Must be paid in Full by 8 weeks old, unless other plans were discussed and agreed upon.  Deposit is transferable at Breeders discretion & for up to 1 year. Meaning if you place a deposit on a litter & cannot take a puppy after it is placed the deposit can be transferred, but you must choose a puppy within 1 year of date we receive your deposit. 

After 1 year your deposit is Void. If you transfer your deposit to a new litter please note that the cost of the puppy may not be the same on all litters. Payments can be made by Money order, Walmart to Walmart. cash, or cashier check. Sorry but we do not take any apps, credit cards, personal checks, Venmo or Pay pal. 

Breeder reserves FIRST pick of puppy on All litters. We have the right to return a deposit at any time for any reason. We have the right to refuse a sale at any time. Deposit is Non refundable Unless if the puppy you reserved is found to have a genetic defect at 8 week health exam or for any reason passes away. 

Total cost of our puppies is based on several things...Pedigree, overall quality, color, gender, & Show home vs Pet home. Please note that we do NOT sale to breeders with just the purpose to breed. We will however on occasion place a show promising baby in a small "Approved" show home under a strict show agreement stating that he/she must be championed prior to breeding. You must be an active show home & provide references and proof that you have titled dogs. 

Price is in the $3000 to $4000 range to Pet homes price is based off color, size, overall quality, pedigree and gender. 

If you place a deposit on a litter you will have pick of puppy in order your deposit was received. For example you are first deposit I receive on said litter than you will have first pick of pup (after) we take our pick. If we do not keep one than you will be first in line. We may not decide until 7-8 weeks old so we ask that you be patient while we decide. As a breeder we only keep the best puppy that meets breeding standard and we can  not choose that at only a few days old or even a few weeks old. So do this around 8 weeks old. 

If we decide we are not keeping a puppy sooner than we ask that you choose your puppy by 5-6 weeks old that way others can also choose and we know who is and is not available. 


We do have an in cabin puppy nanny he is a flight attendant. He charges $500 outside Ca and $300 within Ca. He may not always be available to do transports. In the event that he isn't we may have to use a different puppy Nanny he/she may charge more or less. All travel costs are at the responsibility of the buyer. 

We have to pay the Nanny in person at the same time they pick up the puppy so you will need to include the costs in the cost of the puppy.  We always prefer if you can come in person and pick up your pup, so you may choose to fly into our nearest airport Redding or Sacramento and take the pup as a carry on. We do NOT ship in Cargo! No exceptions! We can meet you at the airport or you may get a rental car and drive to us if you wish to  come to our home.  We are 5 minutes from Redding airport or 2 hours from Sacramento airport. However, Sacramento is a bigger airport, easier to get flights and usually cheaper. 

If a puppy is traveling long distance we do not release them until 10 weeks old. Some may stay a bit longer if on the smaller side or if we feel they need more time with Mom.

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