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Riveira Pomeranians

One thing we work very hard on is making sure our Dogs we breed are 100% Sound and Healthy! All of our Girls are from our own breeding and we are familiar with their background many generations back as we own their parents and are familiar with grandparents health history etc.

We Provide a 1 YR Genetic Health Guarantee that we Stand behind. Very rarely will we purchase from other breeders we keep our own productions because we breed for consistency and know our lines well. I think as a breeder when you are choosing to bring puppies into this world you Must have Integrity in what you breed. Sadly most breeders or Greeders as I call them do not care, they just want to make a fast buck.

I breed to the highest standard as best as I can to Produce correct confirmation, Big coats, and correct heads/faces with health always first.

I am very easy going and I value you once you get a puppy from me so even if your health guarantee is past 1 year and if you have an issue do Not hesitate to contact me and I will do what I consider my responsibility to help with whatever it is I need to help with weather it be financial help with your puppy/dog or you just need advise.

I Do not cover accidental Deaths or injuries or Parvo if you take your puppy out before fully vaccinating.

I Fecal sample before your puppy goes home to ensure your puppy is parasite free.  

With that said I am a breeder Not God, & sometimes things do pop up we do not cover parasites this goes for fleas, giardia, coccidea, or intestinal worms however we do deworm for these things as a preventative. In this case your puppy develops a Genetic defect that is SEVERE or Life altering, with a written diagnosis and confirmed by a second Unrelated veterinarian you will be offered a Replacement puppy of Equal value.

Cash refund is at Breeders Discretion. I do not cover thinks that are not serious nor things that are not life changing or do not result in death.

Please keep in mind that a lot of dry kibble food these days are not good sources of Nutrition and with poor diet comes disease so we highly recommend NuVet daily Vitamins as well as a High Quality food such as Fromm & No Human table scraps. Things you may feed in small proportions are Cottage cheese, egg, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey.

Other things your puppy/dog may like are Broccoli, Carrots, Apples NO SEEDS, seedless watermelon, Banana and yogurt.

Do NOT feed Alcohol, BBQ Sauce, Grapes, Raisins, Avocado, Chocolate, Any seasonings or condiments.

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