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Riveira Pomeranians

Hypoglycemia is a very common but preventable drop in Blood Sugar. It is brought on by too much play time (we recommend no longer than 10 -15 minute play times). It may also be brought on by Stress from your puppy going home to his or her new home. But most commonly brought on from the puppy not eating. When you first get your puppy home we cannot stress enough how very important you let your new baby have 3-7 days minimum of Rest and Quiet time in a play pen or puppy kennel. It is a stressful time for your puppy to be taken away from his home,siblings,& Mother where he is comfortable at. During this initial adjustment time your *If your puppy is alert but just wobbly or lethargic give karo syrup if he/she doesnt get better or respond to the Karo syrup within 5-10 minutes take your puppy to the vet Immediatly!!

IMPORTANT-If your puppy is lifeless or having Seizure rush him to the vet IMMEDIATLY delaying getting your pupppy in this case can be fatal .

Make sure you offer your puppy food every 2-3 hours!puppy will likely be sleepy, may not want to eat Causing his Sugar to drop. You Will need to have Karo Syrup on hand before getting your puppy. You can give your puppy Karo syrup in the morning and before bed to help prevent this. Just put some on your finger and apply a generous amount on the roof of the mouth or gums.Hypoglycemia can be Fatal is not promptly treated!!

It is important to at ALL times Day and night keep more than just dry food out as many puppies wont eat enough to sustain propper sugar levels so we recommend keeping out boiled chicken breast,wet canned food & or hard boiled eggs most puppies love!

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia are following:

- Lethargic

- shaking

- lifelessness

- drooling from mouth

- Seizures

- having trouble standing or walking/wobbling




We understand when you get your new puppy it is a very Exciting time and you want to do lots of showing off and playing with your new puppy.

But this is a very stressful time on your puppy so please allow a week or so of just plenty of rest and settling in time

DO NOT Place your puppy on any outside ground until FULLY VACCINATED.

NO Pet Stores or Parks when you take your puppy to his/her VET Please place a pad or Small receiving blanket on the Exam table so your puppy does not pick up any illness as there are many sick dogs in the vet, discard after use.


Your puppy is not protected from this deadly virus until he/she has had all 3 sets of puppy vaccines & a minimum of 2 wks after last vaccine is given. Even after all 3 are done your puppy can still contract Parvo, however symptoms may be less severe if vaccinated. It is much safer to wait until your puppy has had time for its immune system to strengthen which is around 6 months old or so before taking your puppy in areas where Parvo is most found such as public parks, pet stores, rest stops, and doggy parks or on the ground out in front of vet offices.

Parvo is a Highly contagious virus that is almost always fatal and it attacks the intestines of the puppy . It can live for up to 6 years in areas where Parvo has been. It is a very hardy virus that is hard to kill and lives in dirt and grass.

Symptoms include

Loss of appetite

Diarrhea with or without blood, sometimes only blood will be present


strong smell

wobbling & or fever

If your puppy has any of these symptoms take your puppy in right away!

With Parvo time is of the essence & it can kill your puppy very fast within 24 hours to 3 days. It causes severe dehydration and your puppy will need immediate veterinarian care!

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