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Meet our Family

We would like to share with you our Family and the people behind Riveira pomeranians. We are a family of 3, myself, my Husband & my 16 year old Daughter. We got our first pomeranian in 2007 her name was Baby. She was very special to us. We had 2 litters from Baby. Our goal is to produce sound, healthy, happy babies with Health first in mind. We take great Pride in doing our best to make sure we are bettering the breed and breeding pups that meet or exceed Show standards. 

Our poms are Family & do everything we do. They go boating, camping, hiking and everything we do. They do not live lives locked in cages like some other breeders dogs do, we do not believe in that. 

We do Not live off our dogs, nor do we do it for money. We have 2  businesses that we run & they take up a lot of our time. We are very financially stable in these two businesses other than the poms. With the poms it is a love for the breed & because we enjoy making other families happy when they bring one of our babies into their home.  More often than not we pull money from one of our business accounts to keep our pom program going. It is very expensive to raise these guys. 

We run a Landscape/lawn Maintenance business, as well as also have a furniture business. We make custom furniture. We raise the poms because we love the breed so much and really enjoy raising the pups. My life would be so empty if I did not have these little guys in it. Photos of some of our Furniture. 

We make dining tables, kids, toddler & adult picnic tables, porch swings, benches, entry way tables & anything in between. 

The Riveira's

Hitman loves going to the lake & riding on the boat

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