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            Riveira Pomeranians   
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                  Since 2005


                               NuVet Pet Supplements

Our dogs are on a vitamin called NuVet, it is the best Quality vitamin on the market with Human grade ingredients. It is part of our Contract that any puppy we place is kept on this vitamin. Not all dry kibbles provide proper nutrition and sadly most dog foods are not healthy to puppies/dogs.
When you order your vitamin we are notified by NuVet. This vitamin will keep your pups coat thick and full, bones strong, immune strong, and is beneficial in many ways.
Your 2 year Health Guarantee will be Null and void if you choose to not keep your puppy on NuVet.
Millions of pets suffer and are diagnosed with preventable illness each year. Perhaps surprising, that many of these illnesses are a direct result of improper diet.
Many people are choosing Raw diets or Higher end Holistic pet foods but many pets are still malnourished. Why? Because even those high end foods are still processed and the processing of  these foods destroys many vital nutrients causing malnourishment to our beloved Pets.

NOT Available in stores order today 1800-474-7044  Code #51189.