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Riveira Pomeranians

          Poorly bred pom on left Pet quality. Show quality on Right.

When I say poorly bred this does not mean it is a bad dog. It just means it will not look like what a Pomeranian should look like. It will be big, long leg, fine bone, big ears and long muzzle and this is what you will end up with in the 300-700 range. 

Quality takes hard work, lots of money and time. If a breeder only charges a few hundred dollars that typically means not much goes into their puppies or dogs. 

I get so many people everyday calling just to ask "how much for the puppy" or why is he/she So much I can get one for $600.

Well I will try to break it down to you without going on for hours about the difference between a poorly bread "Cheap" puppy and a Quality well bred Healthy puppy from healthy lines and Show Quality from a Responsible & Reputable breeder.

Everyone has this image in their head of a tiny Pomeranian, with a Teddy-Bear face, and Big coat, that they can show off and has that show Quality look...square, short, compact, tiny muzzle and Big coat. But they want it for $500 to 800 just because they seen one for that price.

Well I will say I saw a Ford festive for $500 and I also saw a Lambo for 200k.

You GET WHAT you pay for.

There is a LOT of time and money that goes into raising Show Pedigree Healthy, Quality puppies & when you get a puppy from me you know and I assure you will get a well bred, beautiful Pomeranian that looks like a pom and not a fox or a weasel. I do Not have many puppies Available to the Public often so when I do they go very quickly.

I will try to break it down to you so you can better understand where I get my pricing from.

I do not breed my girls naturally most times, it is less stress to AI the female this costs around $300, Many times we will use our close friends Boys and this can cost around $500-900 depending on his Titles and pedigree. Average cost of the Dam $3500. We do not breed our girls until around 2 years old so feed, vitamins and vet care until then can be bred will run $2000 or more roughly. Sonogram to confirm pregnancy $200 plus $60 exam, X ray last week of pregnancy to make sure Mom can pass the babies $179 for one view typically we do two views. OFA $500-$600 per dog, Prelims, Health panel on each dog $159. 

C-Sections happen often and always seem to happen on a Sunday or at night and an Emergency C section here is $2500-5000 depending on what vet is open we may even have to drive to Oregon from Ca to get the c section if after hour and on a day our vet is not open for emergencies, AKC fees, Vaccines on pups, feed and care for 10 weeks on the litter, Microchips, Dewormings, Defleaing, whelping supplies, Fecal samples to confirm your pup is parasite free, Prenatal vitamins for Mom, Puppy 8 wk wellness exams, litter registration fees the list goes on.

Average cost to produce 1 litter $5000-7000 More often than not you get 1 to 2 pups.

We do not breed to make money because this is not something that makes money. It is a passion and we Breed our dogs to produce our Next show dog. However you cannot keep every puppy produced and not all litters produce Show Quality puppies as the puppy has to have it all and be perfect to be cut out for the show ring. When we price a pup we determine the price based on his or her pedigree, quality, confirmation , male vs female, if you want a show dog or a pet.

You can get a "Cheap" puppy from a BYB or back yard breeder but odds are your cute little 8 week old pup will end up looking like a fox or a German Shepherd as an adult. And Back yard breeders breed for one thing and that is Money! They will throw any male in with any female not thinking about structure or Quality just to make puppies to sale because the average person sees a cute puppy and are unsatisfied when that puppy does not turn out looking like a Pomeranian.

This "Cheap" puppy will most likely be out of parents who have no health testing and the Breeder will not stand behind the health of the puppy because they do not want to have to return money. Or they do not give a health guarantee and sale As Is. More often than not the BYB will have many litters available year around or all at once, Moms never get a break from breeding, Parents structure is poor, and that "Cheap puppy" will end up being more "Expensive" than that better Quality more expensive puppy, because the cheap puppy will likely run you through the ringer on vet bills.

BYB will breed anything just to make money and by doing this you are more likely to get a puppy with health issues, there are many very Common health issues in the Pomeranian breed that careless breeders or greeders do not weed out of their program such as Collapsing trachea, luxating patellas, BSD or hair loss issues, heart defects, liver shunts, Hydrocephlus (water on the brain) and puppies with low sugar issues. The list goes on.

I have very high Standards on who or what I will breed and I absolutely 100% stand behind the health of every puppy I bring into this world. 

Average cost of a pup is in the $3500-4500 to pet home.

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