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Riveira Pomeranians

Thank you to all who have Blessed one of our babies with a loving forever home ! You may also leave us a review on our facebook page Riveira pomeranians. 


We purchased a beautiful male pup from Renae in December of 2022. Parents  were Hitman/Ruby. We named him Abu from Disney movie Aladdin. I have owned poms for over 30 years. I just love the toy breed for what it is. The previous pom breeder I purchased a pom from has since retired, so I was on the look out for another breeder. I had "bookmarked"  a variety of pom breeders; but I found myself continually going back to Renaes website. I know the "type" of pomeranian that I like and Renae breeds them. I tend to prefer males in the traditional orange or red coloring, and Renae had one available. Her pricing is reasonable for the quality of pom you receive. She feeds them great quality home made food and great quality kibble. You receive a big bag of toys and food upon pick up. I took a same day round trip plane ticket to pick up our pup. The process was cheaper versus other options. Abu will eventually be trained to be a hospital therapy dog. He is soooo sweet and just a joy to have. I Highly recommend Riveira Pomeranians.

Jennifer Fernando



Bringing our new teddy Pom ''Dub'' home was both exciting and intimidating. The kids and I are new pet owners and we tried our best to prepare for this new stage in our lives. Renae and ben held our hands through every process and gave unlimited time and knowledge to guide us. Our baby is the perfect addition to our family and so healthy and beautiful. We are so surprised how well trained he is already at 8 weeks and so smart. Hewas already crate trained and 90 percent potty trained by the time we brought him home,unusual for a pup at this age. We can't say enough good things about Riveira Pomeranians and the breeders, truly the best and most professional experience. Thank you for such an amazing gift of love and the generous welcome basket for Dub!


Liz Black

Riveira Poms truly loves their dogs. You can see the bond they all share,they're one big family.We got the cutest pup boy and he is absolutely amazing.Such a sweet vibrant healthy guy.Amazing coat,the most adorable face,best temperment ever,so joyful and playful.We love him to pieces.He's brought much happiness and laughter in our home.Renae has been very helpful and responsive to my questions.I highly recommend riveira pomeranians for your next pet


I just wanted to say how happy and pleased I was dealing with Renae. Especially with being out of state, it was comforting to know how available she was to answer my questions and faceTime. I absolutely adore my new lil puppy! She's so beautiful and sweet and has adapted very quickly to her new surroundings. I would highly recommend Renae to anyone looking for a quality pom. Her pups are gorgeous! Thanks again

Kathy Bella Vista Ca 12/01/19

Monique & Raymond 12/8/19

I have watched Renae's site for several years, and have always wanted one of her poms! I am finally getting one! I have seen many other breeder's web sites and just wasn't impressed. I went to Renae's to see the babies & was very impressed! Love love love my little boy I am getting.

So cannot wait to pick him up. Renae was very helpful and gave us so many good pointers on how to "puppy proof" our home prior to bringing our baby home.

Her mommy and daddy poms were so very friendly. clean and happy. I would not go anywhere else. If you are wanting a happy, healthy, well socialized puppy hands down go to Renae!

5 *****'s photos will come after we get our baby. 

Wendy & Dan 12/5/19

After checking out other breeders in my area & most would not allow us to their home or wanted to meet at a parking lot my Husband & I took a trip to Renae and Ben's place to view her babies. I have to say I was blown away with the care she gives her babies. I just wanted to take all the puppies home with me. It was such a very HARD decision on who to pick. I picked a little orange boy. 

Renae answered all our questions, was very informative, and very patient with me as I spent near 2 hours as I was so indecisive on which puppy to pick. All the precious little balls of floof were so cute & little tails just wagging away. If you are looking for a new pom baby I highly recommend Renae, don't hesitate, she has amazing quality, happy and well cared for puppies. My little guy gets to come home Jan 2. I just cannot wait!

Monica and Jeannine say

You can't go wrong with Renae's puppies. We have two from her, she is really nice and knowledgeable. Its really hard to find a breeder that gives her 110% you cant go wrong. Our girls stayed beautiful. 


I have had pomeranian over 15 years and have never met a better more responsible breeder than Renae. She has the highest care and patience not only for raising puppies, for all the questions you have along the way.

Her pomeranians have the most incredible temperament. Our male pomeranian from Renae is so incredible we are waiting for a second pomeranian from her. As she is the only breeder I would get a pomeranian from.If you are looking for a forever companion, this is the place to find the.

Our sweet new pups Apple and Bear (Angel and Jack previously), are the most adorable happy, healthy, and well tempered poofs we could have asked for. 

They have been a blessing to our family and have seemingly adjusted well to their new lives with us. Renae is an amazingly knowledgeable and conscientious breeder. She coordinated the pups rehoming with us and has been an incredible resource, serving as a bottomless source of information for new pup care, our last dog was 6 months when we got her so there are still some things we are still figuring out. lorrie, who raised the pups before we got them are also wonderful and clearly cared for the pups very well. All of these ladies are extremely responsible, responsive, and and thoughtful breeders, whom we feel blessed to have found and gotten our puppies from. Many thanks to all of you for bringing these joyful , amazing puppies into our lives and helping to us to be good parents to them! We really appreciate all the support and expertise you Shared. 

Sofiia-              Video above is Sofiia's pup

If you are looking for the best breeder to get a healthy, incredibly smart puppy, look no more!!! I am so happy we got our baby Pomeranian Roger from Renae! I highly recommend her, It took me a very long time t find such a responsive and responsible breeder in the US. We live in Brooklyn NY and had our baby safely delivered with the person that was referred by the breeder. 

Puppy came very healthy, he is extremely smart, we started training him right away and he learned so fast, He came potty trained and with all his paperwork. Renae is always there to answer all of my questions, she is very supportive and provided everything as promised- took care of puppy's first shot deworming, and all paperwork. I highly appreciate all the love and are that was given to my puppy. He is truly magical and looks so cute! Everyone falls in love with him nd he is the center of attention wherever we go. Huge Thank you Rene!!! I an very happy we chose you as our breeder. Best, Sofiia.


I just wanted to share my experience with everyone. I am very happy I got my little cream boy from Renae. I picked him up in her home at 10 weeks old. He is now 14 weeks old. Very healthy happy puppy. Full of life and so very smart. Was potty trained to potty pads from day one. Renae did a great job raising this little boy and training him too. He is such a love. 

Her home was very nice, as well as her big beautiful area outside she had for them. My baby came to me with all proper paper work, parasite free, healthy happy & the best puppy I could ask for!!

Bettina Lavender

We have gotten 3 beautiful babies from Renae. I am impressed by the quality of her pups as well as the incredible care she gives her dogs.

She is amazing at what she does. We highly recommend Renae as her babies are just the best around! Renae's home is very clean & Renae is such a sweet. amazing person. 


Renae I can't thank you enough for our beautiful fluffy girl-Misty she is healthy and a ball of cute energy. She is so smart and makes me smile with her fun exciting ways. I was nervous to purchase out of state but you and Ben were so helpful and accommodating. When we buy another pup it will be from you. Your morals and ethics on breeding are amazing. Thanks again D & D Close

​Debbie has 2 of our babies :)


We absolutely love our little Bear from Riveira Poms! We took a chance on getting a pup from California while we live in Colorado, but Renae and Lorrie were GREAT! Very professional and friendly. Our Bear is smart , beautiful and always ready for an adventure. He grew from a cute fuzzy pup into a gorgeous adult, everyone who meets him thinks he's the cutest!! So happy with Riveira Poms!!

Loera Family

Thanks for Lucky! We absolutely love this tiny little guy! He is so sweet and a ton of fun! Our vet immediately complimented on his breeding! Thank you!  


Las Vegas

Renae & Ben are awesome! They love their pups and take great care of them! Renae is wonderful! I couldn't wait to receive pics and videos from her and now I can't wait to share them with her. Thank you for my sweet little girl! She stole my heart <3



Hi Renae I really want to thank you for your Pretty Pom Mimi. I love her so much I promise I will take good care of her. I'll be looking forward for more Pom pups to buy from you


We Purchased a Pom puppy from Renae two years ago . Maximus is our little pride and joy. I can tell you all that he is the most vibrant and funny little guy with the personality that is quite addictive. Very playful and very smart. When ready for another little joy to bring into our home we will definitely get him or her from Riveira Poms. The Riveira's are very warm and caring breeders. They are not a puppy mill. They are special people. Just looking at all their babies what's not to love.

Tania & Todd

Special thanks to Renae for our little Bear! He is the cutest, sweetest, lovable puppy. He is Mr. Personality too! We absolutely love him. Renae does such a great job providing her pup the fundamentals. When he arrived in our home, he acclimated so well! He is amazing. We are looking to lots of Bear love over the years! Renae-thank you for being such a great momma to these special babies and for starting off their lives so well. Much love, Tania.

Thomas & Dorcas

Thank you Renae for bringing us so much joy in He-Man!!!His official name is Ezekiel and his full name is Ezekiel He-Man Hamachi Chan!! :-) we decided to keep his original name becoz he is truly a He-Man! And he loves tuna so we gave him a Japanese name "Hamachi"..:-) He is thecutest cutest little thing with a permanent smile on his face and makes us laugh every day with his antics. We are so blessed to have little Zeke! Truly a precious gift! He still sleeps on his bed and play with the toys you gave him, Renae! Thank you very much for the love and care you gave him! He is THE BEST! And we love him tremendously!! -Thomas & Dorcas


Hi Renae, how are you? I woould like to thank you for giving me this adorable baby girl-Yumiko. I'm so happy to have her. Shes well trained, with uniquepersonality. Sheloves to play and run. I lovehow she lay down her body and ask for "rub tummy" and sometimes she hump&jump-but her little body cant handle the fall in shestart to rollher body and tryingto get up herself--Ilaugh when I saw this moment. But she's too SMART at the end SHE GET UP.My experiencewith "Riveira Poms" is "Tremendous" they're defenitly certifieds breeder with high quality breeder.I would definately reccommend "Riverira Poms"to my friends. And yes if in the future I want anotherpoms i'll definatley knock on your door. Renae I Love You! -Crysrtal's Family


Hi Renae! Thank you so much for my rambunctious cutie, Simba! Originally named Badger,we decided to rename him after his fearless and hyper attitude. He is just the most adorable puppy,and we're so happy to have found him! He is always the center of attention everywhere we take him and everyone loves him! Living in Anaheim,Renae had the dog transported to Bakersfield as we met them there. Itwas lovely and smooth transfer and they were very informative about all the things you needed to do. Being a new puppy parent. I also had a LOT of questions. Renae was so kind in answering me via text,call and email. She really want you to succeed in being the best puppy mom (or Dad) you can be! Simba is currently 2 pounds and 4 ounces, andhe is 11 weeks old. He's a lovely orange sable color and is extremely playful! Thanks so much, Renae :) we love Simba!


Hello Renae, thank you so much for bringing Koko & Munchkin into my life. He's been a wonderful blessing and full of happiness and energy within that little body of his, :) I love him dearly and am so glad to have found you. He's also really smart, I've taught him many tricks, more than I though I could have. He's a fast learner! Thank you :)


San Jose Ca

Hello Renae, I love my boy Cledis now his name is Coco. He is a spunky boy, he knows how to go potty on his potty pad. Thank you so much for him. We love Coco and hope to get him a Wife some day. Your puppies are super adorable and cute. Thank you for answering all of our questions and for the wonderful items you sent home for Coco!!


Weed Ca

Renae thank you so very much for alloing us to have this perfect baby in our lives, we searched high and low for the "one" & came across you. Here is Bella's baby photo sleeping in her bed by our Fire place ll snug and warm. You are a wonderful breeder & it shows in your puppies. Thank you and we look forward to making a trip you way soon. You wont believe how Bella blossomed into a Beautiful little Girl. 4 pounds even and the perfect little face! Thank you for everything.


Renae, I want to thank you and Ben for Welcoming my Sister and I into your home. You sure take excellent care of all your puppies. I know I picked the perfect puppy. All of your pups look healthy and happy. I can tell you really know your stuff! I feel safe buying from you. Looking Forward to having my baby home but know it is in good care. Thanks again Valerie.

Terry 1-23-15

I went to Rene's house today and placed a Deposit on a pup. Her house was Beautiful,pups were so playful and I had a hard time choosing one!! Rene provided me with all correct necessary paper work showing my puppy I chose was Micro chipped,had worming done, and vet record with shot record as well. I cannot wait to pick up my girl! Thank you Rene and Ben you guys really show you love your pups. 


My Husband and I just bought our new fur baby in July from Renae & Ben. They are the most incredible breeders. Renae took the time to go over everything with us and sent us home with a big puppy care package with everything we needed to get our pup off to a good start. I am amazed with the care she puts into her babies. Our little girl is so smart she is only 10 weeks old and is potty trained. Renae put in a lot of time into our baby to make sure she was well cared for and she is a smart baby. 

I am in love with her already. we searched for two years for the perfect breeder when we came across Riveria Pomeranians website & the detail on her site was amazing. Our baby arrived with her in Cabin puppy nanny on time and in perfect health! 

Feel free to leave us a review below. Your contact info will not be shared it will remain private. Even if you have just visited our babies but didn't purchase one feel free to leave us a review too :)


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