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If you get one of our Babies it is Important to be prepared & have the below items on hand prior to bringing him/her home.

It is essential  that you purchase a plastic or metal play pen for your new addition. A play pen is the safest place for a new puppy. We do not recommend puppies having free roam of the house until they are around 6-8 months old as they are like babies and will chew on things resulting in choking or even death! Provide them with fresh food & water daily as well as a soft puppy bed any style bed will work.

Once you get your puppy home please give him/her a few days to settle in and relax with out too much handling.Remember he is being taken away from his litter mates and mother. Too much activity will put stress on the puppy and he may not want to eat causing him to go down on sugars causing  Hypoglycemia! Give plenty or quiet time in a play pen until adjusted this may take up to a wk or so.

A travel carrier may be necessary if you are traveling to pick up your puppy.

Puppy Kits-We provide each puppy with a hand made complete Puppy care 

package FILLED with goodies. This is only an example puppy kit. It includes but is not limited to Potty pads, treats, Sample of food ( Fromm Gold ) food & water dishes, toys, & your puppy comes along with 30 days FREE Health Insurance, & a coupon for a Free vet exam worth $68. This is only an example puppy kit, each one is a bit different.

Karo Syrup

One of the most important things you should have on hand before bringing your new Pom puppy home is Karo syrup! We can't stress enough that Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is very very common in toy breeds and tiny puppies! Specially in time of stress like going to new homes, too much play etc. When you get your baby home for the first few days he/she may not want to eat or be under stress from leaving his family and litter mates, which can cause a sugar drop. We suggest to avoid low sugar if your puppy is not willingly eating every 2-3 hours & we mean more than just dry food then you can give a bit of Karo Syrup on the roof of your babies mouth every few hours on your finger. Always keep out 2 sources of food, example; boiled chicken breast,scrambled eggs or even cooked hamburger meat NO sauces!!

It is Important to Deflea your dog/puppy on schedule. Fleas not only are very annoying to you puppy, but can also cause Tape worms!  We use Advantix. There are many great options out there.  You can discuss with your vet whats best for your pup. 

-WARNING We do Not recommend giving your puppy Raw hide chew toys as these after being chewed become soft and can become lodged in your puppies intestines when swallowed!!! 

you can find recipes online to all natural safe Organic healthy cookies and Dinners for your puppy that you can make at home.

When bringing a new puppy home there are a ton of germs,viruses and things that can make your puppy sick, Parvo,Giardia,Coccidia,Dog influenza & more. Lots of these things can live in your yard for many years. So for that reason we recommend you disinfect your home and yard prior to bringing your puppy home. We use Ken'L Sol, you can find this on Revival Animal Health.com it is very inexpensive and effective at killing many of the common viruses that are harmful to your puppy. You can use a bleach solution of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water & disinfect your floors, & yard it will Not kill your grass. 

A soft harness is the best option when walking your Pom or Frenchie.Please do NOT walk your puppy until he/she has had all 3 sets of puppy vaccines as they can contract PARVO which is found in dirt & grass its highly contagious and almost always fatal to such tiny puppies! A soft harness can be found at any local pet store in your area. PLEASE wait at least 2 weeks after Last vaccine to walk your puppy. If you must take your puppy to places with high dog traffic like pet stores and puppy parks, even if your puppy has had all vaccines we recommend no younger than 6 months old to walk or play in high dog traffic areas!

Our puppies will come potty pad trained to wee wee pads. We recommend you keep your puppies indoor and potty on their pads until all 3 vaccines have been finished. Once they have been fully vaccinated you can then start training the m to use a doggy door and go potty outside. Males can wear a belly band found at Pet Co or Wal Mart for around $10. They are washable , you place an absorbant liner in it and change when needed.

Toys-Providing your puppy with plenty of toys is important to keep them busy & gives them play time when alone! Pleas select ropes,balls,or Kong is a good brand of toys. Some Raw Hides may get lodged in the stomaches of puppies if swallowed!

Below are some healthy dog snack options. The bottom portion is things you DO NOT want to feed your puppy.