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Riveira Pomeranians

 Over the years we have had an open door policy and have allowed people into our home to see their puppy. In recent times I have had 2 breeder friends homes robbed and puppies stolen as well as an elderly breeder was Shot and killed in her kennel and puppies were stolen.

It is hard to trust people you do not know. For this reason I will not be allowing just anyone into our home, to just "view" or play with puppies. If we Face Time and I am comfortable with you and you have a Deposit in place I have no issue with meet and greets in my home. However too many animal right people and Anti breeder people posing as interested in a puppy to just snoop around and see your dogs.

I have only 6 females and 3 Co Owned boys so am very small. When I have someone visit I make sure to always have my Husband home for the meet and greet as well as my Husband & I are both armed. Most people are honest good people, but you always have to be on your toes & be prepared to protect your home & Family. Both our neighbors are great We notify them every time we leave & they make sure to keep an eye on our home. Also have full Security Camera system and Alarm so when not home our dogs are protected. I do not say this to come off as rude or in any Negative way but you have to protect yourself and prepare for anything in this day and age. 

You will be asked to take shoes off at the door, and prior to handling any puppy you will be asked to w.ash your hands. 

P​uppies will not go home until no earlier than 9 to 10 weeks NO exceptions! 

We have 24/7 live monitoring from our cell phones when were not home and are notified when someone approaches our home if were not home. 

Our security cameras send an alert to our cell phone and are motion activated so we know if anyone approaches our home if were gone as well as we are great friends with both of our neighbors and they watch our home when we are out. 

Have to be safe since we have had a couple friends houses robbed and puppies stolen. 

Our puppy room inside our home is also under surveillance. 

Please be certain when you place a deposit that you have done your research and are ready for a new puppy. All payments are Non Refundable. 

Below are videos of our home and front and back yard. We can Face Time upon Request.  

Our poms do not live in their kennel. When the weather is not too hot or too cold and or raining they have a doggy door in our home that goes into our back yard and they have free roam as they wish. Our kennel door is always open so if they choose to go in there it is air conditioned in summer and heated in the colder months. 

Only time they are shut in the outside kennel is when it reaches very hot or very cold temperatures and when it is rainy outside we let them go in there since it is covered and keeps them dry for exercise. They sleep inside our home in my daughters room like family. Our dogs are not kennel dogs we do not believe in that. 

Most breeders use cement in their kennels and spray the urine with a hose. This gets the dogs hair all stinky and wet. We use Pea gravel since it is easy on their feet and absorbs their urine. 

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