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Please Note-As of June 1st 2020 we have a new policy. We understand this may come off as if we are invading ones privacy or that our contract is too long or too strict etc, but we will now be requiring a copy of your identification card when you sign our contract and purchase a puppy from us. We recently sold 2 puppies to a lady who came to us begging for a significant discount because they were fro her kids and she was buying 2 puppies and was going to immediately fix them. Well a year later they are not even old enough to be having babies and this person has puppies advertised for sale for $3500 when she paid much less for the two puppies together "as pets". 

Unfortunately this person is a breeder, lied to us as well as other breeders & is a puppy flipper. She gave us a Fake name and Fake address so the contract would be invalid and she would not be held responsible. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone. We just want to make sure correct information is given.  Unfortunately a few bad apples have to ruin our trust as we are trusting people and know that most people are honest. Thank you for understanding. 


Buyers Name                                                                                                                                                                                  

                                                Address                                                                                                  City                                                                     State                                                       Email                                                                                                                           Phone

                                                 Sire                                                  Dam                                               Color of Pup                                    DOB                                                                                                                     Gender                                           Microchip# If Chipped                                                                              

Health Guarantee: Buyer has  72 hours from time of receipt of picking up their puppy to have their puppy seen by a licensed veterinarian of their choice. Should your puppy be found to have a genetic defect you may return your puppy for a Replacement puppy when one becomes available. Please Note that many times most of our litters are reserved prior to even being born so if a litter has deposit on it than those deposits have priority to pick their puppy first.       

You must return the puppy within 24 hours if found to have a genetic defect, if you do not return within 24 hours return policy is Null and Void! You must provide breeder with a written letter with the report of findings from your vet & it must also be confirmed by our veterinarian on the findings. Breeder will pay for the recheck exam once you return the puppy to confirm findings. We do NOT Guarantee things that are non life threatening or common illness that this breed is prone to but are not life threatening, such as Parasites like worms (breeder does deworm prior to sale) Giardia, coccidea, or fleas   

PLease Note we deworm, deflea and check for such things prior to sale.   We do Not guarantee things like Lose Patellas or knees/hips, this is a toy breed and these things can be injured from rough play, too long of walks early in age prior to bones fully fusing together, jumping from couches, beds or steps. We do Not cover cosmetic non life threatening things like BSD/Alopecia x (hair loss), hernias, undescended testicles. We do not cover collapsing tracheas as the trachea can be collapsed or injured from wearing or walking with collars.  

We do NOT guarantee a Color, Size, weight, muzzle length or shape, or how big or how full a puppy's coat will be.  We do not guarantee against PARVO most pups go home with only 1 vaccine and are not protected until 2 weeks after last vaccine is given. We give a 1 year genetic health guarantee from date of pick up, after 1 year (12 months to the date) it is null and void. 

Should your puppy pass away : In the event that your puppy passes away within your 1 year health guarantee time frame you have 24 hours to notify breeder. We do not cover accidental deaths. In order to be given a replacement puppy  you Must have an exact cause of death. We will not replace a puppy if your vet just "guesses" what could have caused death. You must provide breeder with a findings report of Necropsy (Autopsy). Without this we will not be able to give a replacement puppy. 

Please Note that a Necropsy can only be correctly done within a few hours from death. If you are not able to get the Deceased puppy to the vet in a timely manner you will have to wrap in a blanket and place in freezer to preserve the pups remains. 

Purchased as Pet/Companion SPAY & Neuter agreement.   You are purchasing said dog as a pet/Companion. This means your puppy MUST be spayed or Neutered by 1 year old. Receipt of this must be provided to breeder immediately. Should you not provide proof of Spay/Neuter to breeder you will be found in breach of this contract.   This means you are not to breed said dog. If you do so we take this very seriously and will file in court. 

Remember not to spay your female prior to at least one heat cycle. Do not neuter until around 10-12 months old. Your baby needs to reach a certain age and hormonal development before being altered. Too young and this can cause many health issues. Females will have first heat cycle around 6-9 months of age some at 10 months. During this time she will be in heat for a total of 21 days. Keep a diaper on her and if males are around we suggest she stay in a fully enclosed pen with a closed top as males will climb to get to an in season female. We do not accept the excuse that she "accidentally" got pregnant, this will be breach of contract. 

Keep in heat female away from intact males it only takes 10 seconds for them to "tie".  We do Not give AKC papers to Pet homes unless other wise discussed. We can however provide copies of parents AKC papers to show parents are purebred.

If you meed to Re home your puppy.  If you need to Re home your puppy at ANY time in his/her life we Require you to return the dog back to us. Money is Non refundable. So please make sure you have did your research and make sure you can provide 12-16 years to a new fur baby. This puppy is Not for re sale. Should you Re home said dog without notifying and or discussing this with breeder you will be breaching contract. 

Deposits: Deposits and payments are all Non Refundable no exceptions! Deposit is $1000 down & is deducted off total cost of the puppy. Your puppy Must be Paid in full by 8 weeks but my not b ready to go home until 10 weeks old or longer if we feel he/she needs more time to grow if on the smaller side. Deposit is transferable at breeders discretion. This means you can not place a deposit on a 2 wk old puppy and have me hold it for you for 6 to 8 weeks and back out last minute. If you would like to switch your deposit to another puppy you must let me know in a timely manner from when you first place deposit.  Puppies who are held for a great length of time then backed out on deposit will not be transferred unless other wise discussed. 

IF you make a deposit on a litter before it is born, we can not guarantee a color but can only guarantee a gender. For example if you want a boy but no boys are born then you may transfer to next litter (if pups are available from upcoming litter). You have up to 1 year to choose a puppy from future litters. After that deposit is Null and Void.  We have the right to return any deposit at any time to a buyer for any reason. 

Puppy pick up pups are ready to go at 8-10 weeks old at the youngest. Once your puppy is ready to go home we will set a pick up date. All puppies must be picked up no later than 10 weeks old (unless other wise discussed and the puppy is smaller and needs more time with us). If we hold the puppy past 10 weeks old we can do that for you but after 10 weeks old there will be a $5 a day boarding fee. Please understand we charge this because it takes a lot of extra time caring for pups that are ready to go. Extra time that requires, feeding, grooming, vaccines if one stays throughout vaccine dates, potty pad and cage cleaning, laundry/washing toys and bedding every day. So the $5 pays us for our time and money that we put out keeping a puppy past pick up age.  IF you do not Pay boarding fee prior to or at pick up time than the puppy will not be released. Should buyer set a date to pick up their puppy and do a no show or cancel and not reschedule a new pick up date and we do not hear from you , we give 7 days to contact us to set up a pick up date. After this your puppy will be back up for resale to the next person & all money paid on pup is Non refundable or transferable. 

HYPOGLYCEMIA Please do your research on this topic as it can be life threatening & is common in toy breed puppies. Make sure to provide your puppy 24/7 with dry food, as well as a warm meal in morning and evening to prevent sugar crash. Chicken breast & cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, or vanilla yogurt are all good options.  It is not uncommon in the first few days of a baby going to his new home that they will not want to eat. This is a stressful time for them. Allo w plenty of quiet time for the first week and not so much handling. If your puppy refuses to eat give KARO syrup (we use the clear kind). Give a pea sized amount once every 4-5 hours until their appetite is back. Should your puppy have any wobbling, excessive salivation (slobbering), unresponsiveness, or seizures Immediately take to your nearest vet! Death can happen very fast from this condition and it is easily preventable. 

Vaccines Buyer is provided with a vaccine record and schedule at time of pick up. Your puppy is given his/her first vaccine at 8 weeks old. 2nd vaccine will be due at 11 weeks of age and last vaccine at 14 weeks old. Please do Not place your puppy on ANY outside ground until 2 weeks after last vaccine is given. We still recommend 6 months of age before taking your pup to any heavy dog traffic areas such as pet stores, public parks and dog parks. Even though your little one may have finished his/her vaccines this does not mean they can not still get parvo. It will only lesson the symptoms if they do. your puppy ages he will build up a stronger immunity and are less likely to contract Parvo and if did then has a much lesser chance or dying form it or having complications. IF you fail to stick to given vaccine dates your health guarantee is Null and VOID.  You may walk your puppy 2 wks after last vaccine in low dog traffic areas like around your neighborhood on a sidewalk, please avoid grass or dirt. NEVER ever give vaccines yourself from any feed or pet store! Licensed vet only. 

We the under signer do hereby agree to the terms as set forth in this contract and all provisions herein. Should this contract be contested or litigated, all attorney fees will be the responsibility of the buyer and it is agreed that any court proceedings will be held in Shasta County Redding Ca. By singing this contract you are agreeing you have fully read all above terms as set forth and agree to all terms, as well agreeing you are aware this is a legal and binding contract.

       Buyer                                                                                                                                                      D ate 

        Seller                                                                                                                                                       Date    

We understand our contract is a little in depth and lengthy, we do this to protect us as well as the buyer & the safety of our puppies. 

Thank you for trusting and choosing us for you next family member. 


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